Meeting All Your Expectations

MaltBroue is a commercial-grade malt production company that uses a specific malting process to produce smaller, better controlled quantities. Our malt production methods respect the specific characteristics of the raw material, an approach that ensures a higher-quality finished product.

Four Steps, One Vessel

To reduce product manipulation, all our malt production operations – including steeping (soaking), grain germination, roasting and kilning (drying) are performed in a single vessel.

To better supervise and control each step in the production process, our operations are also entirely computerized. Nonetheless, the quasi-constant presence of a maltster at key moments in the production process allows us to perform any adjustments needed throughout the making of our product. As with any natural materials, barley is highly likely to differ depending on the season. As a result, transforming barley into commercial-grade malt is part art, part science. We certainly welcome the additional support provided by computers, but believe that a human touch and presence is essential to making high-quality malt.

Filtration du moûtAnalyses

Lab tests made according to the standards of the American Society of Brewing Chemists (ASBC) are performed directly at our malting plant on every batch we produce.

Before malting the barley, we also send a sample to an independent lab to ensure its brewing quality.

Environmental Protection
  • Water sprays are used to steep the barley. Spraying is an effective method that uses 5 times less water than the regular malting process.
  • We use energy efficiency equipment including a heat exchanger.
  • We perform non-certified biological control tests on parcels of our land to continue to learn about various cultural practices without chemical inputs.
  • All organic production residues is composted and later used as land fertilizer.