Our visit to the French beverage, brewing and malting institute (IFBM)

We visited the French beverage, brewing and malting institute (IFBM) in early summer. This experience allowed us to expand our business relations and further our knowledge of the malting industry. When we participated in the Farmer Brewer Winter Event last winter in the United-States, we realized that, even though malting is a very specific niche which development is […]

Malts: a quick visit to our American neighbours

The brewing industry is in full expansion in Quebec and throughout the world. In the United-States, this represents about 5 200 breweries in operation (in comparison, there are approximately 600 breweries in Canada) and slightly more than 100 active micro malt houses on the territory (presently 9 in Canada). More and more farmers are developing an […]

Distillerie du St. Laurent: a whisky comming shortly?

The Distillerie du St. Laurent officially launched its first product in early 2016. The St. Laurent gin’s particularity is that it includes seaweed from the St-Lawrence River in its recipe. The know-how of the artisans, Joël Pelletier and Jean-François Cloutier, has already been acknowledged internationally as they were awarded the bronze medal at the New York International Spirits […]


Micromalting System

New Canadian Malt Production Resources

The brewing industry has been booming in recent years, creating opportunities for the entire supply chain of the beer market, including the production of malt. Consumers see (and enjoy!) the finished products, so most people are aware of the growing number of microbreweries and the wonderful variety of beers now available. What is less apparent, […]

Collaboration to develop a new malt

In the brewhouse at Les Brasseurs du Petit-Sault in downtown Edmundston, there is a fermentation tank filled with a brand new beer brewed exclusively with our malts. A first for both Les Brasseurs du Petit-Sault and for MaltBroue, this interprovincial collaborative project took place over a one-month period.     Although the brewery has been […]