So you like microbrewery beers. IPA, Stout, Lager, Pilsner, Porter… name it! They are all delicious! They’re even better because they’re made in YOUR microbrewery, the one in your neighbourhood or region. I raise my glass to you for making a local choice! The choice you’re going to share proudly on Instagram with the #drinklocal […]

How local is my local beer?

People in the beer industry naturally refer to Lovibond degrees when describing the color of malt and use SRM degrees when it comes to the colour of the beer. However, the standard analytical method for malts is the SRM (Standard Reference Method of the American Society of Brewing Chemist or ASBC). This is the method […]

Lovibond, SRM or EBC degrees?

Gallatin Valley Malt
Micromalting is a serious business in the United-States! This year, MaltBroue attended the Craft Malting Conference for the second time. With about 120 micro malt houses and a guild that has been around since 2013, it is a perfect example of the collaboration needed for a business sector to grow. Of course, we like to attend […]

Getting together with peer maltsters, a must!

What is malt? Since 2002, the year we decided to start our malt house, this is the most frequent question we get from people… or the question people don’t dare to ask! Now when we introduce ourselves, we’ve made a habit of saying this: “MaltBroue is a malt house. We produce malt, one of the […]

What is malt?

malt barley in germination
I know I’m not wrong when saying that what brewers and distillers want first and foremost are ingredients of consistent quality. Beyond the price (which is still important!), and the origin of malts, it is the quality and consistency that prevail. Quality and constancy of the product AND quality and constancy of the service. If, […]

Quality and consistency of malts: not negotiable!

Are you familiar with the event called “A taste for grain”? If you enjoy local beers, artisan breads and all other products made from locally grown grains, you should know “A taste for grain”. This event is a gathering of all those who love, work with and believe in grain – its quality, its origins […]

A « local » taste for grain…