Our visit to the French beverage, brewing and malting institute (IFBM)

We visited the French beverage, brewing and malting institute (IFBM) in early summer. This experience allowed us to expand our business relations and further our knowledge of the malting industry.

When we participated in the Farmer Brewer Winter Event last winter in the United-States, we realized that, even though malting is a very specific niche which development is undergoing a dazzling growth, Maltbroue was known by a majority of maltster, regardless of their country or origin.

It is during that particular event, after meeting French malting specialist Patrick Boivin, that we decided to visit the IFBM in France.

Our equipment in the training manual

Surprise! Our very first malting equipment is still cited as an example in the training manual. It was designed and manufactured in 2007, and even though many aspects of this piece of equipment have been modified over the years, it is still in operation today. As a matter of fact, the majority of our barley, wheat and rye caramel malts that are marketed today are still produced in it.

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