The Speak Easy: a beer with VERY local flavours

Combine business with pleasure: a delicious dinner to taste the 100th brew of the Secret des Dieux microbrewery that has been in operation since May of 2016th. But what was so special about that 100th brew? It was entirely brewed with MaltBroue malts!

The brewer, Daniel Blier, used our new « Malt de l’Est » combined with MBCara 20 malt and MBCara 60 malt. The Malt de l’Est is a two-row pale malt that we offer exclusively to microbreweries and distilleries located in the Eastern Quebec region (Lower St. Lawrence / Gaspé peninsula).

On this Saturday evening where the restaurant was packed, reservations were a must! In this decor where the rustic blends perfectly with stainless steel, a material very present in the microbrewery industry, we had some good conversations. In addition to meeting many people we knew (we’re only 50km away from home!) Daniel, the owner, was present and had the time to express his views on the malt he had used for the first time.

The « Malt de l’Est »

He explained that the first test he does, when he receives the grain, is simply to dig in it with both hands and stir it in order to appreciate its smell. Then, he tastes it to get an idea of the flavors he can get out of the precious grain. He noted that the malt was a little less mealy than what he was used to, so he proceeded to a mill adjustment in order to extract the maximum from the grain. This operation enabled him to get an 84% efficiency during the brewing process.

On our part, we found that his IPA had a beautiful roundness, which is typical to the presence of malt, and a bitterness which, in spite of its 100 IBU, was perfect considering its 8% alcohol content. But let the brewer himself describe his beer…

An imperial IPA

The beer is described as follows on his Facebook page:

An imperial IPA that contains 8% of alcohol volume. Strong beer with a golden robe. Its 100 IBU refers to our 100th brew, making it the beer with the highest IBU ever brewed at the SdD!  The hops flavors are strong, but are well supported by the alcohol and the malt’s character. The bitterness is long and persistent. Aromas of herbs, flowers, citrus and pine are noticeable. A strong, highly hopped, golden-blond beer that will surely charm IPA lovers.

And why did they choose that name?

Speakeasy is a term used to describe illicit establishments particularly common during the Prohibition era.  The expression originates from a habit owners of those unlicensed bars had to tell their customers to “speak easy” when ordering alcohol to avoid drawing attention. However, another hypothesis on the origin of the name comes from the fact that drinking alcohol would facilitate the ability to express oneself. Therefore, in those days, outlaws would have used this « technique » to facilitate their conversations with some police officers in order to obtain some information regarding their future interventions…

So, you IPA lovers out there, next time you visit this microbrewery while travelling on the “Beer Route” in Eastern Quebec, make sure you order a Speak Easy so you can speak like locals!


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