About Us

The MaltBroue farm and malthouse were officially started in October 2004 and our first malts were launched on the market in 2008. To find out more about MaltBroue’s history, from the initial idea in 2002 through today, see the MaltBroue adventure.

MaltBroue is producing malts for microbreweries and distilleries that want local malts.

The use of our malts allows our customers to create unique beers or spirits, highlighting the flavors of the soil. They have a direct access to the maltster for all questions relating to production.

MaltBroue analyze each batch of malt. A close follow-up of the needs of our customers ensures a regular supply of the products they need, according to the parameters required by the brewer or the distiller.


  • Collaboration and sharing
  • Innovation
  • Local development
  • Equity

The Owners

Cindy Rivard et Dany Bastille Dany Bastille grew up on the family farm before leaving to study to become an aircraft technician and mechanical engineer.

Cindy Rivard studied communication and marketing.

After a few years living and working in the Montreal area, they decided to move to the Lower St. Lawrence, taking possession of the Batille family’s land and developing the farm and malthouse. This exciting project allowed them to combine their skills, their willingness to start a business together and their desire to do things differently.