This time has come! After 20 years in the malting sector, we are at the stage of thinking about succession. And we want to inform you of this in complete transparency, because that’s always how we have worked at MaltBroue.

So, in this article you will find these 3 points:

  1. The production and distribution of malts continues
  2. Equipment can be moved
  3. Why we made this decision

And then, who knows? Maybe you know someone who knows someone who would like to malt in the not-so-distant future?

But above all, we wanted you to know that we continue to produce our malts. The search for succession does not endanger our activities. It is continuity that we are aiming for.

Yes, production continues

We are still in operation and we continue to malt at the same pace as before. You will continue to have your usual malts to brew your beers.

Yes, the next generation could settle elsewhere

For the time we have worked together (since our beginnings in 2008 for some), you know that MaltBroue is based on family land in Bas-Saint-Laurent region in Quebec. If the next generation wants to settle there, so much the better! If the next generation wishes to install the equipment elsewhere, that is also possible.

After installing a malthouse on Prince Edward Island, one in New Brunswick and one in Quebec, we are also able to dismantle and reinstall the equipment elsewhere. Whatever option you choose, we will be there to support and make the transition.

Yes but why? 

This is the question many people are asking! Looking for succession is the logical next step for any company that wants to continue its activities over time. Some have succession from their children, others from their employees. This is not our case.

Since this is a process that can be long, we decided to be transparent and involve our network in the brewing field.

Maybe you know someone who would like to learn the art of malting with maltsters who have 15 years of experience and an established clientele?


Ask your questions directly to the source. Cindy is always available in customer service. 418-714-3024 or cindy.rivard @

If it’s more related to the equipment that you have questions. Dany should be contacted at 418-894-8820 or dany.bastille @

Happy brewing and see you at the AMBQ conference in November!


Crédit photo : Alain Tardif, maître-photographe