Has it ever happened to you? Have you ever wanted to break free and run away to accomplish some crazy project? And what happened next? You said “ciao” to the boss. Sold your house. And told family and friends you were going on an adventure.

Where did this idea of malthouse come from?

Dany’s a project guy. Before he’s done with one, he’s already got another one on the go! So much so that he had even set out to dig a drain around the first house of the couple of entrepreneurs, with a shovel and a pickaxe!

Today, on the farm, it’s “easy.” They take out the tractor, the mini excavator and go!

In short, Dany grew up on a farm. His playground was the garage, the fields and the forest.

Dany and Cindy used to go back to Dany’s playground a few times a year to visit his parents.

According to Cindy, the city girl, who grew up in the suburbs of Montréal, Dany’s parents’ farm was a bucolic place to have a vacation in the country.

And yet…

She said Yes!

It was a beautiful sunny day in July, with this marvellous view on the Témiscouata.

She said, “yes.”

“Not to marry! That had already been done. I said ‘yes’ for a new adventure!”

Things went VERY fast from the moment we made the decision to change our lives.

“We left our jobs, sold our house and moved into our new cocoon.

A cocoon is small.

We went from a house to a two-bedroom apartment with two children. Because, I have to say, Dany’s father didn’t really believe it when we told him that we wanted to take over the farm.

Dany had never shown any interest in it before.

And then, a turn of events! Roll the drums, we’re coming!

To make a malthouse and offer a local product to local brewers.”

A what!? A Malthouse

Many were worried and asked all kinds of questions…

“Why a malthouse? Besides, what is a malthouse? None of us has done that before. Wouldn’t you prefer to find a job at Cascades? You could have a good job there.”

“From this day on, we can’t count the number of times we’ve had to explain what malt is!

And we thought that within two years everything would be settled and that we’d be on a

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! HA! HA! HA! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Well, what?

From the idea of making malt to the sale of our first produce, it took six years.
In 2008, when sales began, there were only 32 microbreweries in Quebec.


Several years of hard times ahead of us…

Many years accumulating jobs in order to pay for the development of our company.

Oftentimes we wondered if we should have just given up.

In fact, if we had listened to our reasoning, that is what we would have done.

But we decided to listen to our hearts.

Because, despite of it all, we believed in it.”

The rest of the story

Ten years later, the number of potential customers has increased by 800% in Quebec alone.

Ten years later, the trend for local purchasing is stronger than ever.

Ten years later, awareness of the impact of making local choices on economic and social development and on the environment has grown exponentially.

“We were right to believe in it!”

What about 10 years from now?

Wider variety in our offer allowing brewers to buy more and more locally instead of getting certain malts from the United States or Europe.

To be continued…