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Succession wanted. MaltBroue wants to pass the torch

This time has come! After 20 years in the malting sector, we are at the stage of thinking about succession. And we want to inform you of this in complete transparency, because that's always how we have worked at MaltBroue. So, in this article you will find these 3 points: The production and distribution of malts continues Equipment can be moved...

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How local is my local beer?

So you like microbrewery beers. IPA, Stout, Lager, Pilsner, Porter… name it! They are all delicious! They’re even better because they’re made in YOUR microbrewery, the one in your neighbourhood or region. I raise my glass to you for making a local choice! The choice you’re going to share proudly on Instagram with the #drinklocal hashtag. But is...

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