So you like microbrewery beers. IPA, Stout, Lager, Pilsner, Porter… name it! They are all delicious! They’re even better because they’re made in YOUR microbrewery, the one in your neighbourhood or region.

I raise my glass to you for making a local choice! The choice you’re going to share proudly on Instagram with the #drinklocal hashtag.

But is your local beer as local as you think?

Where do the ingredients come from? Malt, hop, yeast, fruits and all the other ingredients. We know that our brewers don’t lack imagination!

A trip of 2 000 km and more

Aliment Québec laims that in North America, most food travels an average of 2 000 to 2 500 km. Can we do things differently in the microbrewery industry?


Brewers are lucky, they are able to use local ingredients: grains that are grown and malted here, hops that are grown and conditioned here and cultures of yeast that are produced here, along with all the other ingredients provided by local artisans.

Did you know that?

Do you ask your maltster for a beer that, in addition to tasting great, can boost the entire economic chain, from the land to the glass, while reducing the environmental impact?

So now that you know it, you can ask for it 😉

Obviously, it would be unrealistic to think that all beers are made with local ingredients. First of all, there are not enough producers to supply the overall market and secondly, the ingredients are not all available locally.

However, many beer ingredient suppliers are able to do more!


→ Every microbrewery can have a beer that is 100% local on their menu ← 


What is considered as a local beer in the microbrewery world?

When talking about malts, local may mean province-wide or even country-wide. For a majority of microbreweries, it is quite difficult to purchase ingredients within the same region.

For example, MaltBroue is the only producer of caramel malt within a 2 000 km radius. The closest producer from us is located in Wisconsin USA.

Many brewers use local ingredients. They have this commitment because they expect the same from their clients: that they buy local.

You can do a difference

We want to go one step further and would like you, YES YOU, the microbrewery beer lover, to request that your brewer serves you a beer made out of local ingredients.

The more you beer lovers ask for it, the more the brewers will turn to us, growers and maltsters.

We raise our glass in advance to all of you who will make the effort.

The next article will highlight our locavore clients! Don’t miss it!