cara unic

Caramel malts 20⁰ to 160⁰ L/SRM

Made using a unique process, MaltBroue caramel malts are not produced in a conventional roaster or kiln.

Mixing is not possible with a conventional kiln; the malt is mixed by hand or can be mixed using an endless screw mechanism.

MaltBroue kiln is unique. Mixing malt by rotation, like a roaster. This process allows standardizing of the transformation and caramelization of grains as much as possible.

° Lovibond

Taste and malt effets malt

Use Examples

20°L/SRM These malts add body to the beer and enhance head retention. They are slightly sweet and add honey or sweet caramel notes. 5% Pilsner
≤ 10% Lager
10 to 15% Pale ale
≤ 20% Dark ale
60°L /SRM Rich aroma and more pronounced caramel flavour, bringing a smoother mouthfeel than a malt with a lower degree of colour. 1 to 10% Pilsner, dark lager
10 to 20% strong and colourful beer
80°L /SRM
120°L /SRM Taste of burnt caramel, more pronounced bitterness. Up to 10% to add colour and more pronounced flavour to your red, brown, and black beer.


20⁰ to 40⁰ L/SRM

THE CARA UNIC WHEAT brings a golden colour to the beer and a more pronounced malt and caramelized bread-like flavour. It gives roundness to the beer and enhances head retention.

Used in beers such as helles, hefeweizen, dunkelweizen.


40⁰ to 60⁰ L/SRM

Add a touch of difference to your beers with our CARA UNIC RYE. Sometimes used up to 25% in a recipe, but more commonly at about 10%. Caramel rye brings the typical taste of rye, with a sweet note of caramel to red or brown beers.

Especially used for its taste, malted caramel rye can give the beer roundness when used in greater quantities.

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