and Cereals

For you : Malts and cereals 

Having a drink is a friendly and social act. In the microbreweries of the area, brewing a beer is often a passionate act.

We want to combine passion, friendliness and social impact by offering malts from cereals grown on our land or from farmers of the area.



Let me tell you about Maltbroue !

Has it ever happened to you ? Have you ever wanted to break free and run away to accomplish some crazy project?

And what happened next? You said “ciao” to the boss. Sold your house. And told family and friends you were going on an adventure.

No ? That isn’t what happened?



from the field to your drink!

Do you know all the details that make a difference in the finished products that are offered by your favourite brewers and distillers?

The cereal is harvested at the right time and stored properly. Then, it is transformed according to precise parameters under the vigilance of maltsters. Finally, the laboratory analyses needed to confirm the success of the process is done before the final judgment: that of the customer!


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