The steps from yesterday to todays

Today, MaltBroue is an efficient small malthouse. The company is a real partner for its customers: brewers, distillers, manufacturers of specialty flour. Our customers are keen on using local ingredients, without sacrificing quality. MaltBroue is there for this need.

That’s a promise!

Malting over



This is the year the idea “sprouted”.

The information that Dany read in the book «Technology Brewing and Malting» inspired him to realize that it was technically possible to develop malting equipment to malt in small quantities.

Cindy started studying the microbrewery market.

Together, they decided to take the leap to entrepreneurship and take over the family farm.


2003 to 2005

We took action

Back then the place was a cattle farm.

To turn the farm into a malthouse, a complete transformation operation was necessary: cleaning, cement, plumbing, walls, etc. everything had to undergo a change.

In conjunction with this work, a prototype was built.

It allowed us to see everything that we should NOT do!



Developing expertise in the making

Learning to make malt, making sure the equipment is working before moving from the prototype to the real malting all-in-one system, doing laboratory analyses, so much knowledge to acquire and master!

In 2006, we went to Belgium to validate our knowledge on a 2-week sprint trip. We were able to talk to maltsters, professors, laboratory specialists, etc.

Beside that, collaboration had already begun since we made this trip Louis Hébert who has since opened his microbrewery in Saint-Félicien : La Chouape.


A long-awaiting start…

Finally, our malting equipment was ready to start production and put our malts on the market.

We were not at the end of our troubles yet!

It took six months to find out why our barley wasn’t sprouting once in our tank. However, our analyses indicated that the barley had a sprouting capacity that exceeded 95%…

After much research and contact with sprouting specialists, we finally found the solution by chance. Phew!




First sales!

Finally, in March 2008 our first sales! Quebec brewers finally had caramel malt available locally.

But it took quite some effort to introduce our products to the market, as brewers who already have suppliers in place are very reluctant to change their recipes and try something new…



They’re talking about us!

A nice report on the show “Par-dessus le Marché” on TVA.



After five years of hard work, the demand for Quebec sprouted malts and grains has been growing. MaltBroue is investing in the installation of new equipment and building a warehouse.




Awards in Agri-Food Processing

MaltBroue was honoured to receive the award for the best company in the food processing sector (Entreprise du secteur de la transformation agroalimentaire) at the Témiscouata business gala on October 18, 2014.





new company

The equipment developed by Dany attracts attention from all over the world.

After visits from Norway, Brazil and Morocco, the first equipment developed by Dany was installed in Quebec at the Caux Laflamme malthouse.

To meet this demand, Dany and Cindy have developed Micro Malt Solutions.