Are you familiar with the event called “ Le goût du grain ”? If you enjoy local beers, artisan breads and all other products made from locally grown grains, you should know “A taste for grain”.

This event is a gathering of all those who love, work with and believe in grain – its quality, its origins and its sustainability. All that to support the diversity and richness of these local resources.

Where there is beer (and now spirits), there is grain

The event, that brought together people from as far away as western Canada, California and France, made sure to include us. I had the honour to be a part of a discussion panel where we were invited, Jean-François Théorêt from the Oshlag microbrewery and distillery, Jacques Dion from Semican and myself to share our thoughts on the use of local grains in beer and spirits. It’s a growing trend we see in industries such as bakery or brewery/distillery.

It is of course a challenge to purchase local grains. It requires a certain adaptation. The grain produced here has a particular taste, and a malt produced here will never taste like an European malt. Isn’t that the beauty of it? The grain produced in Quebec is bigger and contains less protein then the grain grown in the western provinces. I’m not the one saying this, Jacques Dion is. And Quebec is a large province! The grain grown in the Montérégie doesn’t taste the same as the one grown in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region. That’s what local products are all about!

Of course, the brewery culture left us a legacy that wants beer to taste the same year after year. But things are changing; the consumer now wants to experience local flavors.

That is why an event like “A taste for grain” exists. It is always good to share our challenges, discoveries and advances.

Special regards to my colleagues in the business, Raphaël from Innomalt and Alexandre from Bastien Houblon, who were present.

And you, will you be there next year?